Video:Meet The Mystical Scientist Who Uses Water To Cure Fibroid, Stroke & Other Chronic Diseases.

Being knowledgeable, analytical, and clever are some of the major criteria required to be considered intelligent in our highly detail-oriented and rigorous educational system.

But taking a closer look at what actually drives the success of our most revered minds tells a surprisingly different story.

Like David Bohm,Rene Descartes,Nikola Tesla,Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein,who happen to be the greatest Scientific achievers of our time, Ghanaian born Logos Yaw Nkronmah’s name can never be omitted When the names of  intensely spiritual people are mentioned

As someone who hails from the Asankran-Saa District in the Western Region,Logos is a mystical scientist who uses water to cure chronic diseases such as Fibroid,Stroke,Diabetes etc.

His dream of becoming a Mystical  scientist started when he was a child.As an ex (Philip Neri Ayindoh)seminarian of Saint Teresa’s seminary, in Amissano between 1980,1987,Logos  curiosity as a child made him go deeper to learn much about spirits.

Apart from curing chronic diseases, Logos has been able to positively impact  the lives of all the people who consulted him for spiritual assistance through the mystical power invested in him by God.

In an exclusive video obtained by,the Mystical Scientist is seen delineating how he uses the Mystical water and other mystical means to cure all the people who come to his outfit with various problems for assistance.

You can locate Logos Yaw Nkronmah at K.Bamfo Business Centre opposite Anointed Electricals at Odorkor in Accra.
Kindly Watch Logos the Mystical Scientist in the video below!

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