Video: Papa Maestro Of Hot FM Educates Countryman Songo

One of the most respected radio personalities of our time; Papa Maestro has indicated strenuously that award winning TV/Radio personality Countryman Songo must stop attacking personalities on his show.

There are  mixed reactions with regards to how Countryman Songo presents his show; ‘Fire for Fire’ on Adom TV and on Asempa Radio with many people calling on the National media commission to sanction Songo for his perceived attacks on personalities.

Speaking in an inspiring interview with Rossy of in line with whether he concurs with the opinion that Songo is not a professional journalist but just a noise maker,Papa Maestro delineated candidly that though he believes Songo is a professional journalist the latter must use his platform to educate his listeners rather than attacking personalities:

“I totally disagree with people holding that opinion that Songo is not a journalist…i think that Songo is a journalist; Songo and his team ie the editorial team have an angle for their program…but people share the opinion that he is always at the point of attacking personality but not the issues…maybe that’s where i will also share a bit with those who think he makes a lot of noise”,Papa Maestro told Rossy.

Known in real life as Obeng Kweku Andy,Papa Maestro accentuated extensively that, ”As journalists, we have our key determinists;to educate,inform and to entertain— so whenever you are on radio you make sure such key pillars are in our foreheads…we try to educate,inform and entertain our listeners through our medium and our platforms so looking at the huge platform Songo has, i think if he should focus a little bit on educating and stop  attacking personalities,that would throw more light on his personality and the program he holds”.

Papa maestro who is the host of Hot Sports on Accra-based Hot 93.9FM quickly admonished that if Countryman Songo and his editorial team feel attacking personalities would attract people to listen to the show, he  has no qualms about that.

Kindly watch the full interview below!

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