The issue of Ghanaian women receiving somewhat unfair treatments when they head out to Middle Eastern countries in search of work as domestic staff has been sensitive and controversial to say the least.

Many reports have reach local media detailing issues of assault and mistreatment by their employers.

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A video of similar confusing and bizarre conduct of such Middle Eastern employers on their staff has been cited. In the video, two Burqa-clad women are seen practicing what appears to be an exorcism on a Ghanaian young woman believed to be their maid.

The partially-clothed young woman is seen reacting in a strange manner as the Arab women chant around her, and attempt to put some clothing on her. One woman is seen holding a smoking pot, which she brings close to the young woman who appears to be in some form of trance.

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The video posted by OjekooRadio on Facebook has gained quite the attention, as many people suggest the young woman is being relieved or attacked by some form of evil spirits, while others lambast the Arab women in the video for their actions.

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