Stop Beating Students With Canes – GES Tells Teachers

The Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Rev.Jonathan Bettey has instructed teachers especially those in public schools to desist from beating pupils and students with canes.

He said the GES does not approve of teachers using canes in whipping students when they go wrong adding that is not the only means of disciplining students.

Majority of students are severely flogged by teachers for numerous reasons in schools.

But speaking with Lantam Papanko on Ultimate Breakfast Show, the PRO of GES indicated that the service frowns on corporal punishment.

He indicated that the instruction apply to teachers in private schools saying the service oversees some of their activities.

‘GES frowns on the use of canes or any form of corporal punishment meted out on children in our schools in the country. Any form of corporal punishment which will inflict pains, we said our teachers should not use canes in disciplining our children, they should not. GES has stated that we will not support any teacher who uses canes in our schools should something occurs, they must and should not, I mean trained and professional teachers use canes that is not the only way of correcting or disciplining students,’ he explained.

Asked the punishment to be meted out to teachers who flout this directive, he said’ its a warning we have given so we don’t expect anybody to do it, I wouldn’t know what would happen but if a serious thing occur by the use of the cane by any teacher, GES will never be behind anybody to defend, a disciplinary action would be taken against the person’.

He failed to mention if a teacher who flouts this directive will lose his/her monthly salary, transferred or be sacked.

Touching on a pupil captured on a video being beaten to pulp by her teacher, Rev. Bettey said the GES will take drastic action against the teacher if the case is reported.

The PRO of GES indicated that the service will soon spell out its punitive measures relatig to corporal punishment to the public

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