Blakk Cedi, manager of Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has taken a swipe at Shatta Wale’s claim that he is not worried about not getting a 2017 BET Awards nomination because he is making money.

Wale was trolled on Social Media moments after Stonebwoy was announced as the only Ghanaian to have scored a nomination at this year’s edition.

“My B.E.C.E certificate sef ano know where edeh..Then we deh come worry about BET…#Money deh call me for my brain…” read one of his posts.

Cedi insinuated in a Facebook post that they make more money than him (Shatta) and still got a BET nomination.

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We are Not Broke And We Equally Understand Show Business.Yes We Love Money Too And I Can Boldly Say We Make Some Good Monies As Well.Charlie We Only Find Delight In Setting Our Priorities Right(Which Always Yields Positive Results)..Who Knows?Maybe Be We Are Even Richer Than Most Bragging Camps.What You Guys Don’t Know is That Stonebwoy Is One Of The Highest Paid Artistes In Africa.I Smile Gently Anytime I Come Across Posts Saying The “Youth Man” Is Not Making Money ???????????????? These “I Know Too Much” Old men Should leave us alone.Please We Have A Different Direction And We Are Happily Accomplishing Our Mission.

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Yow Ghana Is Fun Mehn????????????????????????????


Read below our earlier post about Stonebwoy asking for the industry to unite.

Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has called on industry players in the Ghanaian music industry to unite.

Moments after he became the only Ghanaian to get a 2017 Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards nomination, he took to his Social Media accounts to ask for the “destroy to win tactics” to stop.

Read full post below.

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Thanks For All The Love!! ?? This Is For Ghana And Not Just BhimNation…South Africa is getting about 3 nominations,Nigeria is getting about 3 nomination,what is happening to Ghana?.Lets support our own and stop the Division.Stop the “Destroy To Win” Tactics.Stop Pitching Heads against each other and lets all represent for Mother Ghana.

BhimNation This Is For You HighGrade Family This Is For You Sarkcess Music This is For You Shatta Movement This Is For You Eliens This Is For You Every Ghanaian This Is For You. #BhimNationGlobal????????????????????????????????????

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