A 14-year-old boy has an astonishing ability to turn his head 180 degrees to look backwards, almost like an owl.

Sameer Khan, from Karachi in Pakistan, trains every day to maintain his incredible flexibility. He is also able to rotate his shoulders by 360 degrees.

In an interview, he said he started practicing the maneuver when he was about six years old after watching a horror movie. A character turned his head 180 degrees and this fascinated him.

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He said he hopes to act in a Hollywood horror movie one day and earn more from his talent. For the moment, he performs with a dance group known as Dangerous Boys.

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This enables him to earn a living and support his family, especially after his father became unwell.

Sameer said: “I can make around £100 to £120 (Ghc573 to Ghc687) every month. I work so that I can support my family. I don’t want that due to lack of resources my four sisters do not have to quit studies.”

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He added: “I am working on my dance skills, gymnastic stunts and acting skills as well in order to find better work opportunities to support my family and fulfil my dream. I hope to show my talent in big screens someday.”

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