In 2015, a documentary by award winning sports journalist Benedict Owusu titled, Spirit Football, established that black magic or juju in African football is real.

The documentary featured Charles Taylor who revealed black magic was used to destroy his football career.

Two years later, Sam Johnson, a former Ghana international, has confessed using black magic ‘juju’ to try enhance his playing career.

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According to the Hearts of Oak stalwart, he consulted witchdoctors in a bid to improve his game and break the curse of injury but was quick to condemn the act, advising the younger generation not refrain from it.

“There is Juju in football and any footballer who says otherwise is a liar. I’ve practiced it before,” he said on Happy FM.

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“I used it to play football for a longer period but it got to a time I decided to stop because it wasn’t helping like the way I anticipated but I think it did a lot for me also.

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“I’m now a born again Christian and won’t advise anybody to venture into that because football at moment has changed a lot from our time, it has evolved.”

Johnson, 44, capped 45 by Ghana, enjoyed an illustrious career, featuring for top European sides such as Anderlecht and Fenerbahçe.

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