Photos:Meet Nana Ohemaa Antwi-Darkwa;Banker Turned Entrepreneur

Have you ever loved something so much that everything else just doesn’t compare, no matter how insane it’s perceived to be? Meet Nana Ohemaa Antwi-Darkwa, a banker turned entrepreneur whose passion for beauty and wellness simply overshadowed her career in banking.

Most successful businesses in Ghana started as small businesses that grew due to various reasons. Most of these reasons inspire hundreds more to start their own thing with hopes of becoming the next big business. Thousands of businesses are started each year but only a few survive the first few months. For Nana Ohemaa Antwi-Darkwa, CEO of C’Eliore Naturelle, starting her own business was simply an extension of what she does for personal use.

As a fanatic of all things organic and natural, Ohemaa started off making organic homemade beauty products for herself when the stock she brought home from London run out and she could not find decent products around to use. Eventually friends who complimented her on how good her skin looked, asked to have some of whatever mixture she was using. She ignored them for a while, but as they got persistent with their requests, she decided to make money with her ‘concoctions’.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, nana was a banker; a fact she says she hides from most people because most are unable to reconcile why a person will ‘throw away’ a honourable career such as banking and go into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. Guess such things are only normal in movies, where the damage can be controlled. In an exclusive interview with, Nana Ohemaa Antwi-Darkwa disclosed that she could not concentrate fully at work; she found herself using every available time to find out more ways to improve her recipes and learn more about new ingredients to use.

While her products are taking the Ghanaian Beauty scene by storm, Ohemaa remains humble and modest in her dealings and refuses to simply leave the work for her “girls”, a trend she says is killing most startups because: “Nobody can be as passionate about your business like you are and it’s a mistake to leave a young business mainly in the hands of employees.” Ohemaa opined.

Nana also revealed that before she started her business, she did a lot of things for free in order to acquire certain skills that now have proved very valuable to her business.  Her simple advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that, they should focus on gaining experience in a field of interest and not just making money, even if it means working for free. She also reiterated the importance of having a passion for what you want to do, and that without it, failure is almost inevitable.

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