www.Hotfmonlinegh.com has managed to obtain pictures from celebrated Hiplife/Hiphop super star and NKZ Music gang leader,Guru who is currently in Dubai shooting world-class music videos.

It’s quite unclear  the songs the “ Problem” hit maker is shooting videos of, but available information gathered by www.Hotfmonlinegh.com attests that, Guru is shooting two(2) videos,One from his yet to be released hit song, and a collaborated song with his newly signed artist Singlet.

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Guru, who now wears a new hair style and looked unperturbed about his break up with his former manager,Ray Moni, has carved a niche for himself with regards  to shooting exorbitant and uproarious music videos,

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The Azonto revolution front-runner;Guru,after dropping expensive music videos for hit songs ’Samba’,Gold, Baba God, Pooley, Epic’ and ‘Problem’ ,estimated to cost above $180.000,Hotfmonlinegh.com’s source reveals that Guru’s current shoot in the Asian country(Dubai) is costing him over 100.000.00 dollars.

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