PHOTOS: Dumelo Touring South Africa Amidst State Car Seizure Reports

As Ghanaian crack on about the latest saga to hit Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, concerning state vehicles he allegedly tried to illegally acquire, the actor seems to be in a completely different state of mind.

The award-winning movie star has shared photos from his latest vacation in South Africa where he is bonding with mother nature, far far away from the shores and stress of Ghana.

The actor is part of a group of celebrities and media persons whom the Travel South Africa team are giving a treat in exchange for publicity. The group are currently in Cape Town where so far, they have been luxuriously treated to various South African attractions.

Perhaps, the last thing on John Dumelo’s mind right now is the V8 saga where is being accused of acquiring state-owned vehicles and attempting to alter them for his personal use.

Several updates have been given to this rather shameful accusation, including the fact that the actor, stated on one of his social media pages that he is innocent of what is being transmitted by the media.

John Dumelo bravely put his career on the line in 2016 by going all out to campaign for the ousted National Democratic Congress (NDC) in an attempt to keep them in power. Unfortunately, the partly dramatically lost to the ruling New Patriotic Party and the actor has barely had peace of mind since then.

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