Photo: Abeiku Santana Poses With Justin Bieber?

Popular radio personality, Abeiku Santana caused some sort of social media storm as he posted a picture of himself with Canadian songwriter and singer, Justin Bieber.

What appeared to be an awesome capture of the Ghanaian radio broadcaster and the “Baby” hit song maker, turned heads on Instagram as many people could not believe that the radio presenter could meet Justin Bieber.

Some of his followers were convinced that the photo was made up with popular photo-editing software, “Photoshop”.

The CEO of Kaya Tours captioned the picture, “Tell me what you see”.

Abeiku Santana has been globetrotting and promoting Ghana on the international stage with regards to tourism. Many of the fans on his wall were torn between Photoshop and real picture of the two celebrities.

It has however been discovered that Justin Bieber in the picture was not real after all. The image of the pop singer was just a wax creation and not the real musician.

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