Philipa Baafi Cautions Gospel Artistes On How To Share Same Room With Their Producers

Sensational gospel icon Philipa Baafi has advised her colleagues female gospel artistes to be circumspect in their way of life to avoid running themselves and their careers into trouble.

According to her there are so many trials that may confront a female gospel artiste who is married and being managed by an unmarried producer.

Philipa Baafi, said the roles of gospel artistes in the society are to preach godliness; win souls and teach tenets of Christianity by living an exemplary life worthy of emulation by unbelievers and not rather leading people astray by their conduct.

Admitting that sometimes a female married gospel musician has no other option than to lodge in same Hotel room with her boss, the ‘Go Higher’ hitmaker, said in such an instance the artiste need to stand firm in her conviction.

Speaking on Zylofon FM, Baafi said artistes should act in a way that relates to their career and avoid adding emotional sentiment to their work.

“As an artiste everything about work should be done in a professional way. If you’re an artiste who is married and working with an unmarried man as your producer, do your work as a professional without attaching any personal feelings to the work.

“More so if you are a gospel artiste, don’t involve yourself in issues that may destroy your reputation, just live up to expectation. At times you go for an event somewhere and you only get one hotel room to lodge in with your producer but as a professional, let your YES be YES. For instance as a gospel artiste sharing the same room with your producer, you need not to undress yourself or wear night gown in the sight of your boss. The best you can do is to tell your producer to excuse you so you can undress yourself in the same room.” She said

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