NPP Constituency Elections: Incumbent Executive Collapses During Vote Counting

Mr Mohammed Alidu, Incumbent Nasara coordinator of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Krowor constituency in the Greater Accra region could probably not stand the shock of losing his position.

He collapsed during the vote counting session of the just ended NPP constituency elections.

Captured on a short video which has since gone viral, Mr Alidu who was standing very close to the electoral officer counting the ballots, completely lost focus and slowly lost his feet to the ground.

He was quickly attended to by the electoral officer and a police who was there to ensure a serene electoral environment.

The primaries in various constituencies were organized by the NPP to elect constituency executives for the 275 constituencies across the nation.

Positions contested for include Chairperson, 1st Vice Chairperson, 2nd Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Organizer, Women Organizer, Nasara Coordinator.

Nasara Coordinator is the NPP’s wing specially created to reach out to the Muslim community especially those in the Zongos.

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