My Consideration Of Making Mahama My Running Mate Suffers A Big Blow-Atubiga

Aspiring Presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) ,Stephen Atubiga has revealed that  he was considering making former president John Dramani Mahama is running mate when elected.
Mr Atubiga’s presidential bid was fanned by some NDC supporters who created a page of facebook named “Stephen Atubiga for President” as part of plans to get majority of party supporters to join in the call on him to acquiesce to requests to lead the party into the 2020 elections.
Former President Mahama who is yet to declare his intentions of contesting the primaries of the party has been endorsed by all the ten (10) Regional Chairmen of the Party(NDC).
In a press statement forwarded to,Mr Atubiga expressing his dissatisfaction, accentuated that the move by all the ten Regional Chairmen to endorse the former president has hindered his consideration of making him(Mahama) his running mate when elected.
He further expressed worry over the fact that these same key officials who endorsed him once have retreated and endorsed a fellow competitor this time.

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“What is really worrying my team and myself is, most of these same Regional Chairmen have come to endorse me in close doors as their candidate. Including some sitting MPs and former MPs and some DCEs. I will put their names out soon after consultation with my strategic team”, he added.

Kindly read the full statement below
 “I congratulate JDM  my competitor soon to be . Based on the endorsement form all the 10 ten regional chairmen. This is really a big blow to me , And  my winning team.  We will not give up  but to take another strategic moves to be in a lead, As we have been.
    What is really worrying  my  team and myself is, Most of these same  regional chairmen have come to endorse me in close doors as their candidate.  Including some sitting Mps and former Mps and some Some DCE . I will put their names out soon after consultation with my strategic team. Are you kidding
me?Are they serious?  Wow wow.
   Some  regional chairmen and Mps have even secured strategic positions from me when am president. Some secured ambassadorial and  ministerial appointment, down to  DCE, MCE , to boards .
    I was thinking of  having some consultations with party and founders of NDC if I could consider JDM as my running mate  when I win .or does the constitution allows that, For  my ( legal team to look into it and advice) If it could be possible since JDM have been president before. Even though we all come from the north.  I am from upper east region, And JDM is from northern region.  Well , JDM deserves it , I don’t want to sound like am jealous. He worked and developed this country when he got the opportunity to lead this country as President. I will be trumpeting JDM achievements for victory 2020 when am made the candidate . even though I will defeat JDM at Congress.
    I will not let this intimidate my winning team and myself.  We will keep pushing. Is the first blow I Have taken. I will shake it off to keep going for victory.
    Nothing will and can stop me from defeating JDM, Alaby , Sly , Spio and co. I will give them a run for their money. Are you kidding me?
    Well, Is about NDC internal race.  I will see if the regional chairmen have the right to endorse my competitor. My winning team will look into  also endorsing some regional chairmen   for their up coming elections . Let’s see how dog eats dog. Interesting days ahead .
    Dollar to Dollar, pound to pound, Cedi to Cedi .
  But the good news is NDC is Paramount. I will support and rally behind any winning candidate.
  The NDC is bigger than ATUBIGA Stephen and his team.
  I love you all. let’s give peace a chance in NDC and pull each other along. Congratulation again JDM.  Stephen ATUBIGA (A. S. 1)”
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