Mondys Couture-The Creation Of A Passion-Driven Fashion Designer

Rosemond Somuah’s story of survival seems to take a special and well attended manner.

Rosemond’s fascination with fashion design started at a tender age and despite the fact that education has always been said to be the key to success, Rosemond’s thoughts of success is not linked to her formal education but rather what she is passionate about. To her, it is nothing but fashion design.

Spirited by passion and love for fashion design, the lack of opportunity to study under a professional did not discourage her; she did what she could with inspiration and learned the rest on YouTube.

Not finding someone to study under officially, however was as a result of the desire of her father for her to pursue another profession that falls in line with her formal education and this caused a delay in the time she finally started designing and making clothes. Rosemond’s father eventually came to see a future in Rosemond’s love for fashion design and bought a sewing machine for her. This was birth of Mondys Couture (Rosemond’s Fashion Brand).

She started designing bikinis, purses and make up bags while she was still a National Service personnel. She admits working a day job and going home to spend night making clothes and early mornings making deliveries was daunting, but even scarier was the risk of unemployment after her service and the goal was to develop a client base before her time was up.

In a 2015 report by the Ghana statistical service released last year dubbed, the Ghana Labour Force Survey Report, some 1.2 million people in the country were unemployed with over 57 percent of the number being female. This report shows that females graduates are more likely to be unemployed than their male counterparts.

One of the challenges Rosemond has is difficulty in getting the exact measurements of her customers due to distance and sometimes a lack of understanding of what she requires, this results in clothing which is either oversized or under-sized for customers. Her better alternative has been to make video calls to teach customers how to take measurements on their own.

In an effort to build client trust and confidence, she operates a pay on delivery system and hence has to pay for materials with her money, a stance that has worked against her when clients decide to cancel an order on delivery and refuse to pay for it.

Rosemond’s advice to her fellow entrepreneurs is that, they should not give up on their dreams and goals. They should never relent, but do whatever it takes to finish whatever they start. She also debunked the perception that one has to have a lot of money to get started as an entrepreneur; “It’s the passion for the job that will keep you moving, so be a passion driven entrepreneur and everything will fall in its right place”.

You can connect with Mondys Couture via Phone: +233 (0)24 402 9245 / +233 (0)20 341 4658

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