Meet Mariam; An Embodiment Of ‘Yes You Can’

Mariam’s entrepreneurship journey is over a decade old, and it involves scaling major hurdles like loss of property to fire and having to start all over from scratch. But after experiencing the kind of fulfillment that only comes from meeting the needs of others, there has been no looking back. She is the CEO of Sariam Company Limited.

She ventured into soap making as a remedy for her difficulty in finding employment after school, a decision she remains proud of. The growth and subsequent expansion of her Malex product line happened as a result of her knack for research and experimentation on various raw materials and a keen consideration of the feedback from clients. The realization that people were consciously buying more of agro based beauty products and moving away from chemical ones inspired her current range of natural care beauty products that include skin and hair products.

Notable among the many victories that she has bagged over the years include, building her own factory and establishing a client base outside Ghana for her products, hence ensuring a yearly turnover that enables her company stay afloat. She is also a proud employer of dozens of women who help with production sales and distribution.

One of the major setbacks of Mariam’s career aside the fire incident is the flooding of her factory. She is still recovering from the loss of machinery, raw materials and products that ran into hundreds of thousands of cedis. Her IT certificate as a systems engineer has proven   useful in designing packages but beautiful packaging isn’t all it takes to sell a product and she is yet to overcome the initial hesitation due to the distrust people have for made in Ghana products. She explains that people trust what they see on TV or hear about on radio and she has not achieved the financial strength that enables her introduce her products to people that way.

Considering all the challenges she has faced and is still in business it can be said that she knows what it takes when she says “ it’s not easy to start but if you focus you will get there”.

Credit: Enterprisehype

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