Meet 12-year-old Boy Who Wants To Spend His Earnings On Cancer Research (photos + video)


– A young US acting star wants to selflessly use some of his earnings to build a cancer research laboratory

– The young actor is part of the cast of the award-winning movie, Moonlight

– He says he initially wanted to pursue a career in football, but now only wants to act because acting keeps him out of trouble

A 12-year-old US acting star wants to selflessly use some of his earnings from a role in a recent movie to build a cancer research laboratory.

Alex Hibbert grabbed the spotlight with his role in the movie, Moonlight

Alex Hibbert played a prominent role in the recent Moonlight movie, which earned recognition at the Directors Guild of America Awards earlier this month.

He says he will recruit some of the best scientists in the cancer research field to work in his laboratory in order to make a difference in people’s lives.

Alex with his co-actors in the Moonlight movie
Following his successful role, he has now abandoned his ambitions for a career in football, choosing instead to focus on acting because, as he says, it keeps him out of trouble.

Moonlight has earned praise from film critics, many of whom have referred to it as “beautiful” and “fresh.” It is also slated to compete for awards at the Oscars.

Check out the Moonlight trailer below.

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