A 52 year old married woman [name withheld] at Anhwiaso, in the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai District of the Western Region had the shock of her life after she found out that her private part had been shaved and not even a strand of hair left by an unknown stranger while she was asleep.

The bizzare incident happened Wednesday dawn.

A local reporter in the area, Yeboah Alexander in an interview with Kasapa News, narrated that the victim who is a second wife, was sleeping with her two kids while her husband slept with the senior wife in a seperate room in their large house.

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While deep asleep around 1am, the victim is said to have felt some hands caressing her and intially thought it was a dream or better still, her husband had probably joined her in bed.

As the caressing went on for a while, she suddenly woke up to find out that it was rather a stranger, a stoutly built man who was kneeling beside her. Shaking with fear, she raised an alarm following which her husband rushed to her aid but unfortunately the stranger had left.

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She then took a look at herself and realized that her private part had been shaved, with the pubic hair nowhere to be found.

A quarrel ensued the victim and her husband when the man found out that his wife had no panty on and suspecting her of infedility, he questioned her, claiming he saw her going to bed with her panty on.

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The victim then searched everywhere for her lost panty only to find it on the compound cut into pieces.

The strange incident has left neighbours of the victim in a state of bewilderment as they fear the latter’s public hair could be used for ritual purposes.

The victim’s husband has vowed to consult an oracle to smoke out the perpetrator, and have him dealt with ruthlessly by the gods

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