Man Arrested After Being Caught Molesting His Niece While Sitting Inside Hospital Waiting Room

Another photo of a man casually molesting a young girl in a public place has gone viral on Chinese social media.
The photo, reportedly taken at a Chongqing hospital on Monday morning, shows a man sticking his hands inside the pants of a young girl who is seated on his lap. According to an eyewitness who uploaded the image online, after returning from her checkup, the girl sat back down on the man’s lap and his hands once again reached inside her pants. The girl showed no reaction to the molestation, continuing to play on her smartphone.
The shocking photo quickly sparked widespread outrage online, leading to an investigation by police. This morning, Chongqing police released a statement, saying that the suspect had been arrested and had confessed to the molestation. Police said that the man is the girl’s uncle (her father’s sister’s husband).
This comes only a few days after an 18-year-old man was spotted groping his underaged adopted sister inside a Nanjing railway station waiting room. That man has also been arrested while police carry out an investigation into the incident.

Chinese netizens are appalled by this recent trend of public pedophilia and have recommended both castration and better early sex education to deal with the problem. Meanwhile, hearts have gone out to the two young victims. “If this is the kind of thing these men do in public, I cannot imagine what goes on in private. There must be a thorough investigation!” wrote one Weibo user.

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