Majid Michel Gets Candid On The Issue Of Sin

Majid Michel who got Ghana talking last year with his new personality as a born again Christian gets candid on the issue of SIN.

He admonished believers to stop making excuses for what is sinful or not.

“A lot of us try to get hung up on the specifics of sin. Am I sinning if I dance? Am I sinning if I smoke? Am I sinning if I dress like this? We are getting off in the wrong direction. We must start off that, basically sin is having your own way. Sin is doing your thing instead of God’s thing”

“You can be a perfectly moral individual but still be doing your own thing; running your own life, thinking your own thoughts, mapping your own strategy, setting your own objectives and goals. That is what sin is,” the talented actor said in his Instagram post.

He indicated that many Christians are trying to do what the Messiah Jesus Christ did with their human strength but Jesus does not need anyone to act as though he/she is HIM. All He requires of believers is for them to avail themselves for him to ‘dwell in them and use them”.

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