Logos The Mystical Scientist Reveals The Type Of Water He Uses In Curing Stroke,Fibriod etc.

Ever since Razzonline.com made a special feature on one of the famous Mystical scientists in Africa,Logos Yaw Nkronmah; where he indicated that he uses water to cure Stroke,Fibroid and other chronic diseases, there have been doubts with the kind of  water he uses.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Hotfmonlinegh.com,Logos the Mystical Scientist revealed that he doesn’t use just an ordinary water but uses Mystical Water in curing people who come to him for spiritual help:
“I don’t blame those who are doubting me at all ,because I will also be surprised if I were them…but I don’t just use an ordinary water…by the power invested in me by God,i use Mystical water…and trust me I have cured so many people who came to me with different types of chronic diseases such as Stroke,Fibroid etc”,He told Hotfmonlinegh.com
Mystical scientist
Like David Bohm,Rene Descartes,Nikola Tesla,Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein,who happen to be the greatest Scientific achievers of our time, Ghanaian born Logos Yaw Nkronmah’s name can never be omitted When the names of  intensely spiritual people are mentioned

His dream of becoming a Mystical  scientist started when he was a child.As an ex (Philip Neri Ayindoh)seminarian of Saint Teresa’s seminary, in Amissano between 1980,1987,Logos  curiosity as a child made him go deeper to learn much about spirits.

Logos is the CEO of Khepera Mission School located at K Bamfo Business centre opposite Anointed Electricals Odorkor.


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