Logos The Mystical Scientist Reveals The Deadliest Sex Position 

Sex is magical; it’s captivating and beautiful.Sex is one of the very few things in life that can take us a horizon ahead of reality.
There are over hundred sex positions like Doggy style,Cat,Water fall ,Missionary etc..These Sex positions make sex good and almost a necessity for life— but like most things, extravagance is lethal.
In this regard,One of the famous Mystical scientists of our time,Logos has revealed the deadliest sex position.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Razzonline.com in line with the sex position that causes chronic diseases like Stroke,Logos revealed that,
” Standing and having sex with your partner is the most deadliest sex position…When you stand and have sex the blood can not flow through the veins well and will end up causing stroke…but missionary where the man is mostly on top is the best position for sex”,Logos the Mystical Scientist told Razzonline.com
Like David Bohm,Rene Descartes,Nikola Tesla,Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein,who happen to be the greatest Scientific achievers of our time, Ghanaian born Logos Yaw Nkronmah’s name can never be omitted When the names of  intensely spiritual people are mentioned

As someone who hails from the Asankran-Saa District in the Western Region,Logos is a mystical scientist who uses mystical water to cure chronic diseases such as Fibriod,Stroke,Diabetes etc.

Apart from curing chronic diseases, Logos has been able to positively impact  the lives of all the people who consulted him for spiritual assistance through the mystical power invested in him by God by just looking through the palm of a patient then diagnose the kind of disease he/she may be suffering from.

Logos is also the CEO of Khepera Mission School located at K Bamfo Business centre opposite Anointed Electricals Odorkor.


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