LIFESTYLE: Six Things Ghanaian Girls Say If They Like A Guy

Cultural issues prevent Ghanaian girls from explicitly saying that they like a guy and would want to date him.

They, therefore, adopt some ingenious ways of sending the message across.

Here are six things a guy will hear if a Ghanaian lady likes him:

1. ” I don’t want your girls to break my head.”

They want to know if you have a girlfriend.

2. “Abi you dawg me”

They want to hear from you more.

3. “You just forgot about me”

They miss you.

4. “Have you eaten?”

They care about you.

5. “When are you taking me out?”

They like you a lot.

6. “You are so annoying”

They want you to continue what you are doing.

How else do ladies express their love for men?

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