All through the week, I have been talking about how you can discover your true self amidst the baggage that the world feeds us. The first article (A JOURNEY TO SELF- A Definitive Guide to Self-Discovery) discussed what you have to do to identify your passions and talents; it helps you to answer the question: “WHO ARE YOU?”. The second one (A JOURNEY TO SELF- Part II – Finding Your Life’s Mission) helps you to answer the question: “WHY WERE YOU BORN?”; it details some simple steps that you can take to find your life’s mission- God’s purpose for creating you. This article, being the final part of this series, will help you to answer the question: “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE STARTING NOW?”; and show you how you can live your life on your own terms.

What Do You Want to Do with Your Life Starting Now? – The Big Decision

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. said: “Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.”

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The reason most people do not become successful is not the lack of talent or opportunity; it’s not the economy or whatever reason they’ll like you to believe. Most people don’t become successful because they never decide to, that decision is very important. A lot of us go through live wishing and hoping for things, and when they don’t happen, we find something or someone to blame. The late Lubavitcher Rabbe said: “No one finds themselves in circumstances. We create our own circumstances.”. The way I see it, everyone is in total control of what they make of their lives, and the moment you accept this truth and act accordingly, your life changes.

Once you identify your talents and know what your life’s missions is, you have to decide that from this day forward, you’re going to do whatever it takes, however it takes to accomplish that mission; no matter your current circumstances. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll go the wrong road a few times, life will throw punches every once in awhile; you’ll even fail, but never let it define you. Your mission was given to you for a reason, don’t sell yourself short.

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My life hasn’t been easy; I ‘ve been hungry, I’ve been ‘broke’, and I’ve been broken. There were times that I wanted to just quit and become like everyone else, going through life without a purpose; but somehow, I didn’t. I can’t guarantee a smooth sail for you, but I can assure you that, whatever it is, it will be worth it. So please, don’t wait any longer, start doing, start moving, start something, ‘cos’ you never know, you might not be here tomorrow. I believe in YOU and I want you to believe in yourself. GO, CONQUER THE WORLD.


Below is a poem I wrote specially for you, it will get you through your journey. It’s my gift to you.

Find That Spark

When you draw your plans and life has its own;

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When you give your all, but still fall to the ground;

When your fire burns out, and darkness abounds;

Find that spark, and let it lead the way;

It doesn’t stray.

When life is hard, and you can’t retreat;

When sadness buckles up inside, and you can’t hold;

When life throws punches that you can’t duck;

Find that spark, and let it lead the way;

It doesn’t stray.


When you need a hand, and friends can’t be found;

When you can only go a mile, but have to do ten;

When you want to hold your ground, but can’t feel the earth;

Find that spark, and let it lead the way;

It doesn’t stray.


When you want something, you cannot own;

When you have a dream that life won’t give;

When you pray and pray, but still lose your faith;

Find that spark, and let it lead the way;

It doesn’t stray.

(Copyright © 2016 by Clement H. Holloway)


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