Video:Jesus Christ Not The Messiah – Bible Scholar

A man who described himself as a Bible scholar has said Jesus Christ is not the true Messiah.

Abram Bin Moshe maintained that, every religion including Islam and Christianity was “invented by man to deceive the world”.

Born Ibrahim Ali, the Bible scholar said he left Islam to Christianity because he taught that was the true religion but after 16 years of research in to both the Old and New Testament, he realized it was full of deceit.

“People claim to be Christians or Muslims because they were born into it but we should question the belief system to know the light” he stated in an exclusive interview on Kofi TV

He said his name ‘Abram Bin Moshe’ which means ‘Abraham the son of Moses’ was given to him by a Jewish Rabbi who was amazed by his depth of knowledge.

Ali could not fathom why people will brand him Antichrist because he does not see Jesus as the Messiah when in fact in the Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jesus was not born.

“When you tell me God cannot save me without Jesus, you have limited Him. God is the only saviour who can save the world”.

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