I Never Said I Can’t Date A Guy Who Takes Home Only GHC800 A Month – Deborah Vanessa

Sister Derby has responded to reports making rounds that she has said in a TV interview that she cannot date someone who earns GHc80 or GHc800 a month.

The Too Risky rapper in a latest social media post explained;

“So I was asked on National Television if I am capable of dating someone who takes home a monthly salary of 80ghc and I said “even though I do not plan on dating anyone new, I am capable of dating someone who takes home only 80ghc a month because I’m all about personality”

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“So I’m wondering why (not really wondering as stupidity could be the reason), …why someone will start spreading lies that I said I cannot date someone who receives 800ghc a month (they even changed the amount the presenter asked me). Please get it clear that I never said I cannot date a person who takes home only 80ghc or 800ghc a month.

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“Either the person who spread the first lie doesn’t understand my Ghana English when I speak or never even watched the tv show themselves.

Also note that I am not angry at all, I only feel pity for the high level of stupidity capable of existing within some people and I do not want my fans to have the wrong impression about me.

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“Even though some fans might be disappointed, I want them to know the truth that for me, it’s about personality and character not money. Money is just a bonus.”

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