Hot Video: Anita Desoso Threatens Hot FM’s Justice Kwaku Annan

It was not a pleasant sight to behold when the National Vice Chairperson of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Anita Desoso barged into the premises of Accra-based Hot 93.9 Fm to threaten the life of the host of it’s afternoon program ‘Ghana Must Know'(GMK); Justice Kwaku Annan.

It would be recalled that an in depth investigation by the celebrated investigative Journalist,Justice Kwaku Annan  revealed the horrific activities of an organized syndicate who kidnap and behead orphans from Osu Children’s home.

According to Justice, these personalities aforementioned together with land guards kidnap these orphans from the home with the help of some workers at the Home in the pretext of getting them adopted but end up beheading these orphans for rituals and blood sacrifices.

Justice,who was giving a chilling account of the horrific activities of the syndicate which is made up of Politicians, Lawyers, Judges, top Security Officials and Chiefs behind closed doors in the country on his show; ‘Ghana Must Know’ (GMK) an investigative program on Hot 93.9FM delineated that:

“My heart bleeds,,,I am extremely disheartened by what I discovered after eight months vigorously investigating the wickedness exhibited and what makes it even more disturbing is the calibre of people involved.

Top officials within the Political class, Judges, Lawyers, top security officials and chiefs together with land guards– And what they do is that, they kidnap orphans from the Osu Children’s home on the pretext of getting them adopted but in reality these children are being beheaded for rituals and spiritual fortification in order to make them powerful to acquire illegal lands”. Justice  sorrowfully revealed.

Justice, in revealing the names of those who are said to have acquired illegal lands at a Village called Katapor near Amasaman in Accra which Anita Desoso’s name appeared, caught the attention of the latter who barged into the premises of Hot Fm to threaten  the life of the celebrated Journalist.

Anita Desoso who denied ever having any involvement with land guards or acquiring any lands illegally accused Justice of trying to destroy her reputation following which she threatened to deal with him by justifying that,”You are destroying my life and am also going to deal with you”.

Kindly watch excerpts of how Anita Desoso threatened the life of Justice Kwaku Annan in the exclusive video below!


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