HOT VIDEO: I Always Pray With Shatta Wale’s ‘Bandana From Ghana’ Hit Song-Shatta’s Mum

The mother of Africa’s most controversial dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, Madam Elsie Evelyn Avemegah, better known as Shatta Mama,has made an astonishing revelation that she always prays with Shatta Wale’s ‘Bandana From Ghana’ hit song.
Shatta Wale ,who was then known as Bandana,released “Bandana From Ghana”(MOKO HOO) in mid 2000, which features one of the best rappers of our time Tinny— produced by Sugar Tone.
“Bandana From Ghana’ hit song is considered as one of the major breakthrough songs of the ‘Ayoo’ hitmaker.
Speaking in an inspiring interview with Rossy of,Shatta Wale’s Mother,Shatta Mama,who was asked to reveal her favorite Shatta Wale song said,’Bandana from Ghana ‘is her favorite because she sees it as a gospel song:
“My favorite Song by Shatta Wale is ‘Bandana from Ghana Moko Hoo’ …because anytime I hear that song I cry, I shed tears;when I was about to bring Shatta Wale out, because he was in my tommy for 13 months  everybody neglected me the nurses taking care of me at the Police hospital got tired and neglected me because I had been there for five days and still couldn’t bring fort, so when all of them left me  I had my baby alone”.She explained.
She explained further,” So when he  says ‘Moko Hoo’ I take it to be my gospel because when I was bringing him out from my Tommy no body was there so that is the song I have been using to pray for myself and for him— so I like ‘Bandana From Ghana”.
The most invigorating part of the interview is when Shatta Mama did a rendition of ‘Bandana From Ghana’ to the admiration of’s hostess Rossy.
Kindly watch the full interview in the exclusive video below!

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