Here’s Why Chris Brown Could Reportedly Face 6 Months In Jail

R&B icon Chris Brown gained a new edition to the Breezy family with an adorable baby capuchin monkey named Fiji in December, to which he posted his baby girl Royalty taking a liking to as well.

However, some folks didn’t take kindly to the 3-year-old’s rather innocent interaction with Breezy’s exotic pet. And even though he’s no longer in custody of young Fiji, law enforcement is reportedly sticking him with a misdemeanor charge over a permit he didn’t have for the animal.

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According to TMZ, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife were alerted of his custody of Fiji after disgruntled fans who saw him post the monkey on his Instagram, sparking an investigation from law enforcement. Before authorities obtained a search warrant to search his home, however, Breezy handed Fiji over.

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They’ll unfortunately still be pressing charges against him, TMZ adds, citing his possession of a restricted species without a permit, a violation that carries six months maximum behind bars.

Following the uproar, Breezy’s lawyer Mark Geragos shared the sentiment of pretty much every Team Breezy fan at this point.

“As I leave my office in Downtown L.A. and walk past people sleeping on the street on my way to defend people charged by the City Attorney with selling medical marijuana. Now spending taxpayer money on investigating monkey business, this completes the circle on his absurdity,” TMZ reported of Geragos’s statement,

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Since there was no harm done to Fiji nor anyone else during his time with Royalty, the hope is that they’ll cut Breezy a break.

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