Having Sex With First Cousin Could Have Major Health Benefits – Study

According to the UK’s Daily Star, a Pakistani study has concluded that having sex with your first cousin could have major health benefits.

The outlet states that the study was conducted in “a small fishing village on the coast of Pakistan, where first-cousin marriages are commonplace.”

Researchers reportedly found that some inhabitants of said fishing village were missing what’s known as the APOC3 gene.

As The Daily Star puts it, “the people who were missing the gene did not experience an increase in plasma triglycerides after eating a fattening meal like people with the gene do and also were found to have low triglyceride levels – meaning they were less likely to get heart disease.”

The common thread between people who were lacking the APOC3 gene was inter-family marriage.

As a result, The Daily Star has concluded that “having sex with your first cousin is a good idea.”

Of course, there are plenty of studies suggesting it’s not a good idea, like this one – also out of Pakistan – that found people who breed with their first cousins produce children with double the risk of birth defects and higher than expected death rates.

But apparently, to The Daily Star anyway, the possibility of avoiding heart disease is worth the risk.

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