The CEO of Enkasa Apparel, Myles Awuku has revealed that, his decision to venture into suit making is a result of a personal encounter with the Almighty God.

Myles Awuku, who holds a Bachelor of Science and a Degree in Psychology from the University of Ghana- Legon, disclosed in an exclusive interview with that, during one of his usual Tuesday fasting sessions, he had a revelation from God to start making suits:
“I was born on Tuesday, so I fast and pray every Tuesday… One Tuesday during my fast, a revelation came from God for me to go into suit making.”

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At the time, Myles had just completed his National Service and had no experience or any prior knowledge in tailoring, so he decided to learn. By some divine happening, he found a suit maker who agreed to teach him for free and after just eighteen months(18)  of dedicated learning and hard work, Myles has evolved into what I call a ‘Master of the Art of Suit Making’.

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Even though Enkasa Apparel is currently one of the top suit making brands in Ghana, with a clientele spread across the entire country and a host of other foreign markets, Myles Awuku still invests in himself and his brand; he’s assertively curious and always looking for ways to give his clients ‘The Next Big Thing’ in Suits. All his suits are made with premium materials and stitched artistically to convey a great sense of style and excellence- a value he promises to give every client.

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