“Go Into Business You Have Passion For”- The Chocolate Lady Advises Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

 CEO of Decokraft, Akua Obenewaa Donkor a.k.a. ‘The Chocolate Lady’ has advised aspiring entrepreneurs to look for a problem they want to solve in society before thinking of becoming entrepreneurs.

The graduate unemployment situation in Ghana is calamitous. Our tertiary institutions are graduating more students than companies can employ and as a result, a lot of graduates are now venturing into entrepreneurship in spite of the challenges lurking behind the hype. Most of these fresh graduates start businesses with only one goal: To make a lot of money,

In an exclusive interview with Razzonline.com, Akua Obenewaa Donkor said:

“Go in for something you want, go for something you have a passion for… these days the trend is; everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is not just about making money. It’s about solving a problem in society… look for a problem in society to solve and you might make money doing it.”

She also added that, if it were only about money she would have quit long ago, because she went through a ton of challenges to start Decokraft, and even now that the business is running successfully, she still deals with challenges that crop up at each growth stage.

With an expression of pride, she openly admitted that it has not been an easy ride. But starting from making small chocolates with fillings as a lone worker and expanding to create her own chocolate recipes that are celebrated both locally and internationally is fulfilling enough for her.

“The Chocolate Lady” started off just baking cakes for family and friends. She now runs her own chocolatier, Decokraft that produces premium chocolates with Ghana cocoa beans. Her business has received alluring acceptance and patronage by the entire Ghanaian populace, even though it’s still young.

This kind of speedy progression to success is almost impossible for most Ghanaian entrepreneurs. In fact, a lot of them fail at even getting their own family and friends to patronize their businesses and as a result fail to grow or die out completely.

So my dear aspiring entrepreneurs, Akua has said it all; don’t start a business to make a lot of money, start a business you’re passionate about that solves a problem in society, and the money will come.

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