Celebrated female broadcaster;Frema Ashkar who is also the manageress of multiple award winning Contemporary Highlife musician,Kwabena Kwabena has exposed award winning Hiplife Artiste;Kontihene over claims that Kwabena Kwabena has never being his friend.

Kontihene was allegedly marked to be influential in transforming Kwabena Kwabena from a backup artiste to a successful mainstream artiste
’The two musicians were perceived by the public to be ‘more than friends’ since they collaborated on lots of songs like ‘ Asor’ that received massive attention and airplay
But in an interview with KMJ on ‘Daybreak Hitz’ on Hitz FM, the ‘Kronhenkro’ hit maker disclosed emphatically that Kwabena Kwabena does not know him well to be called his friend.

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He said they were mere business partners hence the perception by the public that they are ‘close buddies’ is not the true reflection.


In responds to Kontihene’s pronouncement which has sparked hefty public uproars on her show on Metro TV,Frema Ashkar exposed Kontihene by accentuating candidly that the latter was only using her Artiste Kwabena Kwabena to market his new product:
“It’s OK if you don’t confuse friendship with work ethics…you understand…as long as when they were working it was professional and they had good working relationship—  that’s fine…nobody has to go visiting people or have to hang out with people for their work to be successful..as long as when they were working there were no issues that’s OK..As for friendship it’ s not by force”,Frema Opined
Frema delineated extensively that,” Secondly, I think people have different ways of marketing their products and if one way Kontihene feels he would use to market  his new product is by using Kwabena Kwabena that’s fine…where ever Kwabena stands he mentions the fact that he started with him and I think  after ‘Asor’ our 5th album is coming out next month and that one alone is enough”,
Frema Ashkar who gained prominence  during her stint as a news caster at TV3 has been managing Kwabena Kwabena for almost a decade now.
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