A Senior Pastor at the St. James Baptist Church in Kumasi Rev.George Owusu Mensah has accused Evangelist Diana Asamoah of stealing his song titled ‘Agya ma wo nsa so’.

The veteran gospel musician indicated that Evangelist Diana Asamoah made the song her own and commercialized it after agreeing to pay a fee.

According to Rev Owusu Mensah, he composed the song ‘Agya Ma wo nsa so’ years ago, but the renowned female gospel artiste stole the song without crediting him.

He narrated that Evangelist Diana Asamoah approached him requesting to do a remix of his song only to return later that the song was in the public domain and that there was no point paying him any money.

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He said he willingly gave the song to the Evangelist but spat on his face.

‘After helping her to re-arrange the song, she recorded the song, but came back only to say the song was in the public domain and that there was no point showing gratitude or giving credit to me the composer.

‘She said one pastor told her that the song was a public domain, in other words, I didn’t write the song, and that I told her a lie, maybe a thief as well,’ the veteran musician recounted.

Speaking on Ultimate Inspiration and Gospel Chat hosted by Winfred Daniel Nii Adjaye, the gospel singer said he was not infuriated by Evangelist Diana Asamoah’s comment.

According to her, the Evangelist confirmed paying monies to other gospel artistes whose songs she has remixed but indicated she will not pay his own.

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‘I didn’t feel insulted about her comment. It didn’t break me down. She told me she has paid artistes like Prof. Kofi Abraham but she cannot pay mine, she’s comfortable like that,’ he said.

The ‘Matwen Awurade Anim’ hitmaker indicated that there are majority of gospel artistes who have dishonored and disrespected him by taking his songs for free.

‘…They haven’t called to tell me that the songs are not mine,’ he said.

He cited that he called ‘Jane and Bernice’ when they took one of his songs saying he collected some monies from them after some interventions by some pastors.

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‘She was apologetic, but I told her songs don’t songs don’t drop from heaven, songs are given to men and sometimes the men may be alive and that she should have found out the owner of that song,’ he stated.

He admitted that some people are appreciative of his songs and sought permission before using his songs.

Rev. Owusu Mensah further accused Akwasi Nyarko of taking his song without crediting him.

Evangelist Diana Asamoah and Akwasi Nyarko refused to speak on air to rebut the claims when they were called on phone.

He wrote ‘se me te ase’ for Rev Mrs Emmy Newman for a fee.

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