DJ Mensah Recounts Worst Experience With Sarkodie

Award-winning Disc Jockey, Michael Mensah better known as DJ Mensah says his journey as a DJ in Ghana has not been an easy one.

Speaking of his worst experiences behind the turntable, DJ Mensah recounted two events where his delivery was nearly marred by technical challenges.

The Artiste DJ for rapper Sarkodie recalled a frustrating incident, which halted his performance for an hour while playing with his artiste in Kumasi.

“On one occasion with Sarkodie in Kumasi the light went off. After waiting for 35 minutes for the light to come on, my laptop shut down and I had to restart it.

“I have never seen a Mac Book take so long to restart as it took me close to about another 30 minutes,” he narrated.

He, however, added that the patrons who had gathered at the show weren’t perturbed by the technical hitches but waited for the problem to be resolved.

“The good thing is that no one moved from there(venue). Everyone was waiting
for us to go on with the show. Even though it was bad, we still had people waiting,” he said.

The winner of the 2017 Ghana Entertainment DJ Award recounted another unfortunate incident as a DJ, in which case he was able to deal with it in 15 seconds.

“I remember I was playing and something just went off at the T.P concert in Ghana. I don’t know what happened and I quickly had to change a cable and I was glad I was able to do that within 15 seconds so the music came back on,” he recounted.

Ghana’s ‘Untouchable’ believes that working as Disc Jockey in Ghana is tough, stating that the music industry has not provided a favourable environment to groom Disc Jockeys.

DJ Mensah said problems such as the lack of accredited schools to train DJs and the unavailability of modern equipment as contributory factors to the herculean task of managing the turntables in Ghana.

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