CONFESSIONS:Pregnant Woman Sleeps With Pastor On Valentine’s Day

Pregnant Woman

A six-month-old pregnant woman (name withheld) has confessed to sleeping with her pastor on Valentine’s Day as spiritual.

According to reports, the woman decided to tell her husband of the abominable act on Valentine’s Day because of the love she has for him.

This unfortunate incident occurred at Assin-Kwaata, a farming community in the Central Region.

The revelation according to Adom News’ Alfred Amoh who followed the story shocked her husband causing him to collapse instantly.

The woman claimed 24-year-old Prophet Elijah Adjei, the leader and founder of Flourish Word Ministry under the guise of spiritual direction from God gave her some concoctions to bath to drive evil spiritual away from her for safe delivery.

However, while bathing in the pastor’s house, he allegedly entered the bathroom, started fondling her breasts and had sex with her at the moment of weakness.

The reason why she confessed to her husband, the woman noted is because the pastor threatened to disgrace her if she makes the issue public.

Meanwhile, the pastor had debunked her claims by the woman insisting that he was instructed by God to cleanse the woman from the spirit of fornication since she had slept with two men aside her husband.

“I was only exorcising her because I was told by God that she had slept with two other men aside her husband. I wanted to even invite her husband as well but I wanted to save her marriage. I never slept with her”

But, Kwaw Adu Korli, husband of the pregnant woman has vowed to get the pastor arrested for raping his wife.

“He called me and told me that my wife has sinned against me. He told my in-law that my wife doesn’t deserve me. I have decided to handle him over to the police” he fumed.

On his wife, Mr. Korli believes she was a victim of circumstance thus will forgive her for the sake of their young marriage.


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