Chamber Pot Claims Untrue, Kasoa Magistrate Court Has Washrooms

Contrary to reports circulating that there is no washroom for the judge at the Kasoa Magistrate Court, Citi News checks have revealed otherwise.

There are at least three washrooms available for staff at the Municipal Assembly, with one specifically assigned to the magistrate court Judge.

On Monday, reports emerged that the magistrate court judge was using a chamber pot, creating the impression that there was no toilet facility.

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The Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, according a newspaper report, was left stunned by a Magistrate at the Kasoa District Court who supposedly had to use a chamber pot because of the absence of a washroom at her facility.

According to the paper, the magistrate, Felicia Gandezi, was explaining some of the challenges of the court to the Chief Justice, who is on a four-day tour of courts in the Central Region.

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The Chief Justice also threatened to close down the Kasoa District Court and all other courts not purposefully designed for the judiciary.

“This is totally unacceptable,” Justice Akuffo remarked to the media.

“There will be so many closures of courts by the end of this year,” she added.

The MCE of Awuku Senya East, Michael Yaw Essuman Mensah, also expressed shock at the report and strongly debunked the news describing it as untrue.

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“I was shocked to the bone. Why would we not provide you with toilet facilities at where you work,” he told Citi News’ Michael Ogbodu.

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