Captain Planet Makes HISTORY With His “Obi Agyi Obi Girl” Hit Song

In the Ghanaian music industry, one frenetic tasks that has militated against  the industry for quite a long time is Hiplife artiste going Solo from a group to make a magnanimous hit with his/her song or album.

Names like Choirmaster (Praye),Wutah Kobby,Afriyie(Wutah), late Ronnie Coaches,Bright(Buk Bak) and Promzy(VIP) are some of the numerous Hiplife artistes who went solo after breaking up from their respective groups.
Though these artistes made hit songs whiles with their groups, they weren’t able to emulate that enviable impact they made after going  solo .
One artiste who has finally demystified that jinx is Captain Planet of 4X4 fame.Captain Planet who is the leader of the one time the most successful group in Ghana has released a song titled “Obi Agyi Obi
Many would disagree with me and say Afriyie Of Wutah fame, won numerous awards at the Vodafone Ghana Music awards as a solo artiste—but were his songs popular like the songs he recorded with his group?
Ameliorating my argument, Afriyie and Kobby announced the come-back of Wutah and in less than Six(6) Months have so far produced one of the biggest hit songs for 2017 “Bronya”, as compared to when they released their solo tracks.
But Captain Planet’s “ Obi Agyi Obi Girl’ song which features Kofi Kinataa went viral within 28days of it release and has been patronized by many. The pace at which the song has risen particularly on the various media airwaves is simply intriguing.
The controversial song talks about the painful experience of having one’s partner snatched and in the same vein, how pleasant and exciting it is when you’re the one doing the snatching.
Ever since 4X4 comprising of Captain Planet together with Abortion now Coded, who were later joined by Fresh Prince, announced their presence in the music scene in 2000 with ‘Siklitele’ album,they carved a niche for themselves as game changers—  as they are reputed to have brought crunk music to Ghana.
At the time when Patapaa Amisty’s “One Corner’ song had become the most popular song  not just in Ghana but had transcended the borders of Ghana, Captain Planet, though as Solo artiste has replicated the same spoor of 4X4 as the game changer by disparaging Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ song and putting it in a vacuous corner with his “Obi Agyi Obi Girl” hit song.
As a plausible Online News Surgeon,after delving into Captain Planets remarkable feats, only one word came into my mind— which is Superhero.
Oh yes, like the American animated environmental television program Captain Planet, where Gaia assembles a modern-day team of “Planeteers” from several nations to combine their powers to summon the elemental warrior through incarnation which takes on the appearance of a superhero, and with the superhero-like name of “Captain Planet.”, Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey better known as Captain  Planet is the superhero of the Ghanaian music industry who has demystified the perception that Hiplife artistes who come out from groups to release solo albums/Singles can’t make hits.
Enjoy Captain Planet’s “Obi Agyi Obi Girl” in The audio below!!

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