Why Your Business Needs A Logo

A logo is one of the quite underrated aspect of brand marketing, but in actual sense, it is one of the most important strategies in brand development. A bad logo can easily tear down a brand, just as a good one can easily build it.

The overall image and representation of a company is very important and a logo plays an essential role. A logo is a powerful visual symbol that provides an immediate recognition of a company or a brand. Simply put, a logo is the image that is registered in the minds of people, in such a way that they do not have to think twice in identifying or recognizing in the simplest form, what business the logo represents.

Companies, organizations and other corporate entities use logos to reveal their identity and communicate ownership. Logos tell the potential customer about what the company stands for. A strong and simple logo can project the core principles, values and visions of the business. It also reflects the business’ professionalism, attitude, sense of style and personality. Just like a name of a person, a logo is one of the simplest form of identification to your customers as well as prospective customers.

A well-crafted logo distinguishes you from your competitors. No two different businesses should have the same logo. In the case of competing businesses, logos should even not be similar; it confuses customers and makes them doubt your credibility. A business should have a unique logo which will not confuse potential customer with other businesses. A well designed logo which is exclusive to a business easily differentiates it from others, especially, similar or competing businesses.

A strong logo attracts customer. First impression plays a significant role in branding. A good logo in advertising outlets such as product labels, websites, business cards and social media, exposes the brand on a national and international level. It advertises and promotes the brand to a larger target market.

People are drawn to catchy and interesting designs, so when a business has a good logo, with respect to colour, font type, font size and other eye-catching designs, people are more likely to take a second look, and that is when impression sets in; a good or bad impression will have a quite lasting effect on the business. People tend to respect, patronize and recommend a brand if the logo makes a good impression about the business, this goes a mile in increasing the customer base of the business which in turn raises sales and hopefully profits.

A strong logo creates and maintains customer loyalty. A simple, powerful and consistent logo goes a long way to maintain customer loyalty, through brand recognition, admiration and trust. A logo maintained for a long period of time has a strong imprint on the minds of customers. Whenever they need a product or service, a particular logo pops up and they tend to patronize the brand. Can a customer easily describe your logo without necessarily seeing it? If so, then that person may be a loyal customer.

In the same light of loyalty, a slight alteration or change of a trusted logo still maintains the customer. Businesses should however try as much as possible to maintain their logo, even if the logo is changed, it still has to maintain most of its former features so that it does not confuse new customer especially within competitive markets.

The proper use of logos as an advertising and marketing strategy is an excellent way to build strong trust with your customers. When a good logo is used to its full potential, it exposes the brand to a much larger customer base, which increases the overall revenue of the business. Every business, especially startups, should have strong, simple, professional logos as part of their promotional strategies, this will enhance their credibility and increase brand loyalty and sales in the long run.

SOURCE: Enterprisehype

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