BREAKING NEWS:Court Injunction Placed On GHAMRO Elections.

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The elections for the newest administration of the Ghana Music rights organization(GHAMRO) which was scheduled to take place on the 8th of March ,2017 has been hit by a court injunction.

GHAMRO was set to hold elections for Board members in the first quarter of this year in accordance with the Board’s constitution which stipulates they hold elections every two years.

But, legendary highlife musician,Randy Nunoo confirmed the turn of event to

“Yes,we have placed an injunction on the GHAMRO elections…When we talk, they say we can’t do anything- now we’ve placed an injunction on it … let see how their bogus and fraudulent election comes on”,

The highlife legend, Randy Nunoo together  with the United Concerned members of Ghamro (UNICOM) had agitated that the management of Ghamro under Chairman Kojo Antwi and his administration lack accountability.

According to them, although royalties have been collected for and on behalf of members, the leadership has failed to account for these royalties.

GHAMRO in July,2014,was distressed by a series of controversies forcing the Human Rights Court to order the board led by Carlos Sakyi to step aside

In February 2015, music maestro Kojo Antwi was sworn into office as Chairman of GHAMRO) to serve a two-year term. He was sworn in together with eight other board members.

About 3,700 members of GHAMRO cast their votes to elect new board members for the music rights body.




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