Akoo Nana Jabs Obour For Spending Musician’s Royalties

Highlife artiste William Ato Ankrah known by his stage name as Akoo Nana has lashed out at President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Bice Osei Kuffour aka Obour accusing him of spending lavishly on his families abroad with musician’s monies.

According to Akoo Nana, most Ghanaian artistes pretend to live comfortable lives under the guise keeping face and reputation and yet have to hustle and in most cases chatter uber taxis to run their errands and to mask their hustle.

He bemoaned the situation where most of these musicians have no accommodation, food to eat and in worse cases have had to go through the embarrassing phase of taking monetary donations from the public to cater for their bills when they are hospitalized.

He accused Obour and his administration of being neglectful and only making efforts to help when musicians get sick or die and yet drives around in big cars and lives in comfortable homes with the hard earned monies of these persons.

‘Obour doesn’t care and have respect for Ghanaian artistes and also not being serious with his responsibilities at MUSIGA, musicians must seat up and fight for what is theirs.

The ‘World Cup’ hit singer called Obuor’s eight-year reign a wasteful one maintaining the fact that he has done very little if anything, to renovate the Union’s office.

‘Obour has never painted the place, doors are rusted, the MUSIGA office is a like a chicken coop, he stressed.

Akoo Nana in Facebook live video disclosed how difficult life is for many Ghanaian musicians and the fact that they have had to live fake lives for many years.

He disclosed that most artistes brag about their swag and shows they play in the UK on huge stages and concerts but all of these are fallacies and well-constructed lies. These artistes, according to him, are only given peanuts after their shows but come back and lie to Ghanaians they had European tours.

However, musicians like Shatta wale, Kwaw Ksese, others have also expressed same disappointment in Obour.

Watch Akoo Nana’s latest song here:

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