A Plus’ Wife Weeps On Social Media After Fans Mocked her for being fat

The wife of A Plus, the known NPP politician has lashed out at her followers on Facebook who have constantly been teasing her for putting on more weight.

In a harsh Facebook post shared on her timeline, Akosua Vee revealed that severally, she has received comments and messages from her followers asking her to reduce her weight and go back to what she used to be.

Akosua Vee revealed that she gave birth just 4 months ago and she is experiencing postpartum depression so people should give her a break.

Y’all read about postpartum depression get abreast with it and stop typing you look fat ,when u reducing , we want the old vee under my pics ! Y’all stop acting sheepishly and receive sense ! I am just a 4 months breastfeeding mum! Unless u want me doing liposuction ! F*** I am not Kylie Jenner or what hv u to be pushed into the theatre room right after birth for body enhancement! I f***en don’t owe nobody nothing to SNAP BACK so fast . Like muuuum re u maaaad??? After all I don’t hv a big belly like your damn wife and ur fucked up self !!!

Akosua Vee has been in the news for ridiculous reasons since her marriage to the controversial politician, A-Plus.

It started with viral photos that showed she has bleached skin and later with the information that she dated several married men before she married yet went about throwing jabs at people dating married men.

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