6 Simple Ways To Make Sure Your Vagina Never Smells

Sex is important for our general wellbeing. However, vaginal odor is one of the worst problems a woman can face.

To prevent this, follow these simple tips for a healthy vagina for your husband.

Bath twice at least twice daily

 Every woman must take personal hygiene seriously. Taking a shower twice daily can help get rid of bacteria that cause vaginal odor. Be sure to shower after a workout to get rid of sweat.

Use natural soaps

Always wash your body with natural soap which does not contain any fragrances that upset the natural balance of your body.

Don’t wash your vagina with soap. It can destroy the vagina’s natural pH, which can cause odors and other problems.

Don’t douche

Unless your doctor has advised you to douche, don’t do it. It can create an imbalance of your body’s natural bacteria and can end up causing an infection. When washing, simply use a natural soap and water — on the outside of your body.

Wipe correctly

After using the washroom, wipe from front to back and be careful not to miss anything. Wiping in the opposite direction can sweep bacteria into the vagina and cause an infection.

Choose your lube wisely

When buying a lubricant to satisfy your sexual fantasies, avoid lubricants with a heavy fragrance, and stick to water- or silicone-based. Be careful with the products you use around your vagina, including lotions.

Wear breathable underwear

Avoid wearing cheap underwears made from polyester and nylon. An overly moist environment can cause a build-up of bacteria, so wear underwear that isn’t too tight – preferably cotton.

Shave regularly

Give your vagina a regular haircut or shave. Some people crave a hairy vagina, but keeping too much vaginal hair is not so wise.

Truth is, the shorter the vaginal hair, the lower the chances of odour and infections. Women who have the time to constantly clean up may not have a problem with this. This is not always so if your hygiene standards are high. But shorter is cleaner and better.

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