50-Year-Old Stephanie Benson Goes Half Naked In New Video

Stephanie Benson does not cease to amaze with her love for nudity.

The songstress in a video circulating on social media is spotted half naked and talking about her new song which to her will take the world by storm.

Well, some Ghanaians like we know have condemned her while some think she’s being real with her love for nudity.

Meanwhile, she has debunked reports that she has done plastic surgery.

“They think that I have done a facelift’’ she said in an interview with Becky on EWITHBECKS.

She said it is high time people come to terms with her genuine facial looks and ignore the rumours.

Stephanie Benson who has been criticised severely for her sense of fashion also rejected claims that she dresses indecently to gain attention.

The singer wants effective policies to be put in place to regulate the music industry in Ghana.

Also in an interview with Andy Dosty, the singer rubbished the assertions, saying that due to her international standards, her suggestions tend to be alien to some industry players who want to collaborate with her.

Stephanie said “I am not a difficult woman. When a woman is opinionated they think she is difficult. My standards are a bit higher than most”, she disclosed.

According to her, the reason most industry players see her to be a ‘problematic’ person is because she opts for the highest good.

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