20-Year-Old Boy Killed; Another’s Hand Chopped Off In Ahwiaa Gang Violence

Gang violence has claimed the life of a 20-year old at Ahwiaa in the Ashanti region capital, Kumasi.

The deceased, named only Musa was killed Monday morning when a group armed with cutlasses and sharp objects attacked a rival group in the area.

Joy News correspondent, Nurudeen Mohammed who visited the scene of the attack, said Musa’s group, angered by his killing, marched on the other group to exact vengeance moments later.

In the reprisals, one man had his hand cut off, the reporter told Joy News. Several others were injured, he added.

There have been about three separate clashes over the past few days but things got to a head Monday morning for reasons yet to be ascertained.

It is believed that the gang violence has ethnic undertones.

‘A lot of youth’ have been arrested, he said as police and soldiers swamped the Awhia community to restore order.

But tensions remain high.

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