Video: Staff of ECG, GBC Clash Over Disconnection

Staff of the Ashanti Region Electricity Company of Ghana have clashed with officers of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in a bid to disconnect the state broadcaster at the regional level.

Tyres were deflated, taunts and insults were exchanged with minimal physical exchanges as officers of GBC prevented the army of ECG officers from disconneting them.

The state broadcaster in the Ashanti Region owes a whopping 1.75 million cedis in electricity debt to the power distributor, a situation that has left ECG almost crippled.

For a company criticised for incompetence and about to be privatized largely because it has failed to collect its debts, officers at the ECG, especially in the Ashanti Region have been desperate and fiery at the same time to collect monies from notorious debtors.

On Thursday and Friday there has been fierce exchanges as officers of the ECG embarked on the operation pay-your-debt-or-get-disconnected. On Thursday they managed, successfully to disconnect, the regional office of the state broadcaster but had the tyres of their vehicles deflated in the process.

The Ashanti Region Director of the GBC Mr Sam Kwatia, personally went on a tyre deflating spree, amidst taunts at the ECG officers who were desperately taking videos for evidence. Not even the threat of the videos will stop Mr Kwatia from deflating tyres of the vehicle owned by the ECG staff.

He has since defended his action, claiming unauthorised vehicles were not allowed into the premises and pointed to a notice board. “This is one of such vehicles,” he added.

They told officials of ECG they will not be able to guarantee their safety, if they budge into the premises again to take the car away. It had to take armed police men to have the vehicle moved from the offices of GBC, Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor reported. The regional broadcaster is now operating with a generator which is running out of fuel. Mr Sam Kwatia says they will cease broadcasting if the fuel runs out.

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