10 Girls Schools With Most Hard-To-Get Ladies

Men are known to have certain preferences in terms of the choice of a woman they would want to live with. It could be the looks or the wits, or a combination of both. However, there are certain women from some female senior high schools in this country that are quite difficult to approach. When the issue of advances or love proposals pop up, those women are a ‘no-go’ area.

Girls from the schools listed below are undoubtedly very intelligent, beautiful and possess all qualities you want from your but you need to think outside the box before you approach them.

These ladies are fierce, independent and strong women who expect the best from their men.

Below is a proposed list of female senior high schools which produce most ‘hard-to-get’ ladies

1. Wesley Girls SHS
With old students such as Esther Cobbah, CEO of Strategic Communications Africa and the current Chief Justice Her Ladyship Sophia Akuffo, one gets a fair idea of the sort of ladies the school produces. The school leaves many in awe as to the sort of training given these students to mould them into such impressive female personalities.

2. Holy Child SHS
Old students of Holico such as Hon. Joyce Bamford and veteran musician Akosua Agyapong, one gets a clear picture of the nature of products of this school. They are the true representation of the phrase, ‘Beauty with brains’.

3. Achimota SHS
Many would wonder why female students from a mixed school would be quite difficult to approach or even date. Well, girls from Motown are infamous for creating a barrier between themselves and their male colleagues on campus. How much more males from other schools?

4. St. Roses SHS
St. Roses is one of the high schools well noted for its strictness and discipline. And these same virtues are instilled in the students. So, it is no surprise that former AG Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong and former Minister of Justice, Miss Abena Amoah are old students.

5. Aburi Girls SHS
‘Ahwene pa nkasa’ as they are affectionately called, products of Abugiss hard nuts to crack despite their sociable nature.

6. Yaa Asantewaa SHS
Yaa Asantewaa old students are outgoing and love to hang out. However, that does not make them pushovers. This makes it quite difficult for men to consider them ‘dateable’.

7. St. Louis SHS
The calm and collected nature of St. Louis old students creates the impression that they are pedantic. Most often, guys make advances at them with the different approach, and that puts SLOPSANS off.

8. Mfantsiman SHS
The old girls who chant ‘Obra ni woara b)’ are the partying type, but that does not mean they lower their guard when men approach them. Syterians are notorious for giving guys tough times when the issue of relationship pops up.

9. Archbishop Porter Girls SHS
Despite being the only female SHS in the Western region, old students of Porters are quite a handful for the men in the West. Most guys do not have the courage to approach them.

10. Ola SHS
The Catholic discipline instilled in the females from OLAGISS is unquestionable. They set the bar quite high, which most males fail to reach. Most guys fail to meet the gargantuan expectations of Ola girls.

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