Pharmacy At Dansoman Suffers ‘Movie Style’ Armed Robbery


Staff at Rokmer Pharmacy at Dansoman in Accra have described an armed robbery attack on two combined shops as one they have only seen in action movies.

The incident took place on Tuesday night around 9:30 when they were rounding up the day’s activities.

According to a staff member who spoke on anonymity, the two hooded robbers came on a motorbike and walked straight into the mobile money shop which is attached to the pharmacy, where the action began. “One of them walked in and my instincts told me

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Image may contain: 2 peoplestraightaway that he wasn’t here for a mobile money transaction.

“Their attire was very similar to that of what the ISIS wear so I thought they were in here to drop a bomb. “One of them immediately asked me to shut up and pulled a gun at me so I went quiet and walked into the pharmacy with him where they started taking bags of the staff while the other guy took all the money as well as phones we had at the mobile money shop. “We were all terrified because it was just like watching a movie and these are scenes we see in movies,” he said.

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According to some other staff members, they were helpless and thought they would be shot by the two ISIS-looking robbers. When asked if they had reported the incident to the police, the staff said they called the manager who has made a formal report to the police.

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