Marrying By Proxy: Foreign Nationals Urged To Reapply For UK Residencies


Foreign nationals can get UK residency by marrying EU citizens in overseas ceremonies which they do not even have to attend.

A legislator, Jennifer Owusu Barnieh, who won a landmark residency rights for her client, Albert Awuku, who had been denied is calling on foreign nationals who have been refused residency in the United Kingdom to reapply.

Madam Owusu Barnieh, Head of Immigration at Danbar Solicitors, stated that “if you did a traditional marriage and got a marriage certificate, made an application to the Home Office and they refused your application… now you can reapply under the rule of Awuku.”

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She, however, encouraged the applicants to make sure they have legitimate marriage certificates devoid of errors before they reapply.

“… I don’t want you to rush it because there’s a trick, if you make a mistake on your marriage certificate, then the Home Office will have the right to refuse your application. So it is worth making sure that the marriage certificate you hold is actually valid by your own national laws. So do take time, don’t just pick up your marriage certificate and go and see your lawyer”, she said.

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A proxy marriage is a type of marriage where two people get married without being present themselves. The couple is usually represented by surrogates who ‘marry’ on their behalf, after which a certificate is awarded.

Ghana, Brazil, Nigeria and Zambia are countries that practice Proxy marriages.

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