A JOURNEY TO SELF- A Definitive Guide to Self-Discovery


Who are you? Why were you born? What do you want to do with your life starting now? You’ve got five (5) minutes, go!!!!

STOP!!!!! Time’s up. Now tell me, sincerely; Did you find answers to the questions?… If you did, then congratulations, you’re officially a member of the minute 20% of people that are truly happy. CLOSE THIS PAGE NOW, there’s nothing here for you.

On the contrary, if you couldn’t figure it all out in five minutes, and felt like you needed more time, then READ ON, this article was written specially for you. It will help you discover mysteries about yourself that, otherwise will be buried away in the unconscious; it will change your life.

Who Are You? – Identifying Your Passions and Talents

All through our lives, we have been so many things to way too many people: stupid, dumb, foolish, too emotional, ugly, too fat, too slim, uncreative, untalented, disabled, too dark, too fair, coward, over ambitious, lazy, crazy, failure… and the list goes on and on and on… Most of us have grown to accept these false identities people force on us and as a result, live our lives in unison with every single lie. We have become ignorant of who we truly are and spend our entire lives chasing the mirages we think we should be.

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So, the first step in this awesome journey to you, begins with a question; a question you need to ask yourself, it’s a question that only you can answer… “WHO AM I?”.

In my own journey, I discovered a series of mental exercises that helped me to find answers:

Mental Exercise 1-Passions/Talents

  1. Get a pen and three sheets of paper.
  2. Label your papers: Paper 1 should have “WHAT I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT” written at the top; Paper 2 should have “WHAT I AM GOOD AT” written at the top; and: Paper 3 should have “MY TALENTS” written at the top.
  3. On Paper 1, make a list of things (activities) that you are passionate about. Don’t stop until you have twenty (20) items on your list.
  4. Select ten (10) activities from your list on Paper 1 that you are very good at, and write them on Paper 2.
  5. Again, select five (5) activities, this time from Paper 2 that you’re able to do very well with very little effort, and write them on Paper 3.
  6. Finally, think through your list on Paper 3 and circle two (2) activities that you love to do very often, and feel naturally gifted with the capability to accomplish. These should be activities that you are able to do almost effortlessly.
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All the five items on Paper 3 are your TALENTS, but the two activities you’ve circled are your strongest talents, and it is on either one or both of these activities that I’d advise you build your career.

Attaining success and fulfillment in life will become a lot easier if you do what you love and have a talent for. Mary Parker follett, a management consultant in the 1920’s summarized it this way: “The very best direction to ride a horse, is in the direction it is going”. Find your talents and spend your entire life utilizing them.

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…To be continued (Wednesday, 6th September 2017)


Clement H. Holloway is a Writer, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is best known for his Poem ‘AFRICAN MOVIES’ which he performed at the Golden Movie Awards Africa(GMAA) Nomination Announcement in 2016. He is also a marketing and sales consultant who has offered consultation to big brands like Green Cola (Greece), DecoKraft (Ghana), C’ELIORE NATURELLE (Ghana), D’Yark Wood (Ghana) and a host of other very successful businesses. Clement is the Founder and CEO of WeWrite Ghana, a consultancy that offers professional writing and publishing services to individuals and businesses in Ghana. In spite of his busy schedule, Clement still makes time to speak to students on varied topics about Self-Development, Motivation and Entrepreneurship.